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Battery Box 4L-BS

Battery Box 4L-BS

This is intended as an adapter for fitting a 4L-BS battery to most standard battery compartments. It has a circuit breaker mount integrated into the top strap, and it includes an adapter plate with instructions for mounting the Battery Box to OEM horseshoe oil tanks(OEM battery trays have an indention that is smaller than the battery compartment itself). Installation will require drilling 4 holes into the bottom of the battery tray.

***The battery pictured is a Super Start brand 4L-BS from O'Reilly's, but most any 4L-BS should work, just check that it is 3-3/8" tall.

Unsealed "wet" 4L-BS Battery:

Sealed AGM Battery:

Batt Box Dimensions-
Base Width: 4-7/8"
Top Width: 5-3/8"
Depth: 3-1/8"
Height: 4-3/8"