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AirTag Mounts (Sold in Pairs: 1 Radius, 1 Adhesive)

AirTag Mounts (Sold in Pairs: 1 Radius, 1 Adhesive)

These 2 products allow you to mount an Apple AirTag to any Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski, etc. They are SOLD IN PAIRS: one mount is specifically designed to mount to any frame rail, while the other is fitted with a 3M adhesive pad in order to mount it to any flat, clean surface. (make sure to wipe the area clean with Isopropyl alcohol to ensure best adhesion)

If you are unfamiliar with Apple AirTags, they are easy to track from anywhere in the world, using the Apple FindMy app. They achieve this by pinging a bluetooth signal off of any iphone in the vicinity of the AirTag. There is no service fee and they are easy to purchase online for around $30ea or 4/$100.

The AirTag uses a CR2032 battery which lasts roughly a year before needing replacement.